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The Chamber This is Gavin’s latest film which documents the discovery and exploration of Sarawak Chamber in Nasib Bagus Cave in Mulu National Park, Borneo. Measured by floor area, Sarawak Chamber is the biggest cave chamber in the world and the largest unsupported space on earth. The Chamber was discovered in 1980 by three British cavers. In 2012 those same three explorers returned to the Chamber to tell the story of its discovery and subsequent exploration.
Mulu National Park, with its remarkable caves and wildlife is a World Heritage Site. Filmed by Emmy award winning cameraman Gavin Newman, this film gives a unique view of the area, its caves and wildlife and the people who first explored them.
Available in Standard Definition DVD and High Definition BluRay Discs.
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To Save The Whale This film follows a group of Greenpeace activists as they fight to defend the whales of the Antarctic Southern Ocean from the harpoons of the Japanese whaling fleet. The film won the Edinburgh Documentary Film Festival and has received acclaim the world over from both public and critics.
Subtitled In: English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese
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Wookey Exposed was Gavin’s first film and won the Best Adventure Film prize at the Kendal International Film Festival. The film documents the exploration of Wookey Hole Caves in the UK and the history and development of cave diving that have gone hand in hand with that exploration. From the earliest Navy issue Brass Hard Hat equipment in the the 1930’s to the latest side mounted rebreather technology of today the film takes a journey through this spectacular cave system to the very forefront of modern underwater cave exploration.
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China - Beneath The Wall was the eagerly awaited follow up to the Wookey film and didn’t disappoint. Filmed over a 3 year period the film shows the highs and lows of expeditions to far off lands and cultures. A team of British cavers attempt to link two of the worlds greatest cave systems in Southern China. Things often don’t go as planned but then thats half the adventure... Narrated by BBC presenter Chris Searle the film also features specially written music by Derbyshire based musician Rob Gould.
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